Thesaurus plugin for Sublime

Usually I use Thesaurus to find synonyms for a variable or method name when I don’t want to use conventional names. These names can be parser, processor, handler, entity, object, manager, go on. So trying to find some phantasy name for them just makes code colorful (like Railtie in Rails).

I love Sublime, because I don’t need to jump among the windows while I’m working on a project, I can do many things just in the editor using plugins. Run the tests, open GitX to prepare my commit, see git annotate, push my branch, run a command in console. Unfortunately there was no way to look for synonyms of a word and I didn’t find any plugin either. I spent a little time to create one, so here is a very simple plugin to use Thesaurus in Sublime. Just select the word (or press (CMD/CTRL)-G where the cursor is) and press (CMD/CTRL)-T. Synonyms pop up in a list window and the word in your code will be replaced as soon as you choose the right one from the list.

To install just follow the steps in the project’s documentation: